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Plush Pumpkin Limited Edition Soy Candle

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Plush Pumpkin gives you all of the warm, yummy feels of perfect fall season dessert. This candle will immediately transport you to the kitchen table. The sun's setting dinner has just finished, and dessert is up next! Once lit you will be served with upfront notes of cinnamon and caramel. As the candle burns it slices into hints of pumpkin, apple, and spice. It then rounds itself out with base notes of rum, tonic, and vanilla.

Note Profile
Top: Cinnamon, Sugar, Caramel, Tobacco
Middle: Pumpkin, Clove, Nutmeg, Cake, Apple
Base: Rum, Tonka Bean, Vanilla
4oz: approx. 20-25hrs
8oz: approx. 40-50hrs
16oz: approx. 80-100hrs

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