Radiance by Ramona

A limited edition collection made in collaboration with @RadiantRamona
Available for a limited time only!
The Inspiration...

"I wanted to dive a bit further into what made me Radiant and my self-love journey.  I found my "inner glow" on these "solo trips" ever since I began embracing every lonely thought... and I want to continue to encourage others to do the same."

- @radiantramona

About the Scents

Inner Glow

Your inner glow is fueled by strength, peace, and self-love. With notes of gardenia, vanilla, and other florals -- this scent pairs perfectly with positive affirmations, soothing sounds, over-the-top bubble baths, and your favorite travel blog. *wink*

Solo Trip

Solo trips are for adventure and self-discovery. This scent inspires you to listen to your gut and control the decisions that may lie ahead. Fragrant notes of Palo Santo, Sandalwood, and Amber helps you recharge and recenter all without a passport.