Formé Studio
A sculptural candle haus by The Noble Brand where we focus on form over fragrance.
The Spark

Formé Studio was birthed when The Noble Brand launched their goddess bodies collection in celebration of body positivity. The collection ended up being a hit and the demand for other forms came rolling in. Wanting stay true to the original brand's purpose of being a home fragrance company, our founder Sydney Noble created Formé Studio as an extension of The Noble Brand. Here at Formé we keep all the same ethics and values while focusing on candle form over fragrance.

Products Coming Soon

We are working hard to bring you the best sculptural candles possible. In the meantime shop scented home fragrance products from our parent brand, The Noble Brand.


Our sculptural candles do not come in fragrance options. All candles in this collection are unscented soy wax with shimmering all natural mica.

We recommend lighting our sculptural candles on top of a saucer, coaster, or tray to protect melted wax from coming into contact with your surfaces. For clean up, allow wax to cool/harden completely and then peel off of surface area. Follow up by washing with dish soap and water.