Recycle Program

Help us keep the earth a little cleaner by recycling your empty vessels.

it's easy as 1-2-3...


Hold on to those empty containers! Collect 5 empty candle vessels/reed diffuser bottles/room mist bottles to be sent back to us for reuse.


So you've used up all of your favorite products... Follow the instructions below to clean out your empty candle vessels and/or bottles.

Ship It

Mail your cleaned empties back to us. Find the instructions below to either ship or drop off your used vessels.

Get A Store Credit

As a thank you for helping us keep the planet a little cleaner by extending the life of our vessels, you will receive a minimum of $5 store credit in return!

($1 for every empty cleaned vessel returned)

How To Clean Your Vessels

Return Your Vessels

Send all of your cleaned empty vessels to us by clicking the button below to get your complimentary shipping label. (Please have an past order number ready for one of the vessels you're returning.) Once your vessels have been received you will receive a store credit sent to your email.

Are you a Los Angeles local?

Send us an email to to coordinate a drop off.


To insure a safe return, wrap your vessels in bubble wrap or kraft paper. Once packaged make sure there is little room in the box for movement to limit the risk of the vessels breaking. 

All store credits will be applied upon delivery and inspection of return packages.

- Reduce what is sent to landfills

- $ off your next purchase

- More room for new candles!

The sky is the limit! There are many creative ways in which you can reuse your empties. Use them for storage, organizing your home or office, or as planters or propagation vessels.

The possibilities are endless, but first, don't forget to properly clean out your vessels.