Antoine Troupe x Noble Brand Candle Collaboration

Antoine Troupe x Noble Brand Candle Collaboration

"By 10am everyday you can count on candles and incense burning, lofi music playing, and my laptop out ready to work. You know the vibe has to be right as a creative. With this collaboration it gives me a chance to work with a brand I love, create custom scents that support my daily routine, and contribute to others self-care and creativity."
- Antoine Troupe

Today we launched our first of many candle collaborations. For the next 3 months we have partnered with Dancer/Choreographer/Entrepreneur Antoine Troupe. We've come together to curate two candles that serve two purposes: relaxation and creativity. Both candles will exclusively be sold here on our website from July - September.

A portion of proceeds from each collaboration candle sold will be donated monthly to the #SaveKM fund. KM Dance Academy is a dance studio here in Los Angeles co-owned by Antoine Troupe that has been affected by the COVID pandemic. If you would like to donate to their GoFundMe you can do so here.

Daydream by Antoine Troupe Soy Candle:

  • "An uplifting scent to to get the juices flowing. Great for studying, reading, writing, or creating your next masterpiece."
  • Scent Profile: Blood Orange, Clementine, Basil, Mint, Agave

Good Spirits by Antoine Troupe Soy Candle:

  • "For when the day is done and so are you. Great to unwind, meditate or a stretching session."
  • Scent Profile: Lavender, Vanilla, Musk, Rose, Amber

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