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Magic Hour Soy Candle
Margaret Verrone
Wonderful scent

I bought several candles for friends for Christmas but kept his one for myself because of the wonderful scent. I don't burn candles often but I really like this one.

Revive Wax Melts (Sale)
Ashley D
Great Scent Throw

Just a small chunk of these wax melts actually fills the house with fragrance! The scent is fresh but warm and gives some extra luxury to the day. I had actually never tried wax melts before but I'm glad I grabbed some of these.

Route Package Protection
Janelle Contreras

Love the candles and the fast delivery.


Great melts

Love everything about the melts

Ashé Soy Candle
Levi-Tyler Nolè
Has no smell

I’ve lit the candles a few times and have been very disappointed because, I find myself searching for the smell! There isn’t any!

Smells so Delicious

I purchased the Spiced Wine Candle and it smells so delicious!!!
I light it for like 10 minutes and my room is full of love.

Noir Wax Melts
Monica M
Amazing melts

Hello! I found you in Studio City, the two girls who served me gave me a sample of incense, they are THE BEST EVER!

Long lasting !! I love them

I purchased 3 candles & I’m just now using the second one so I feel everything was worth the price ! My items shipped quickly & the brand is female owned !! I salute you 🤍


These make my house smell so good! And for somone like me who doesn’t like to have open flames out when I am gone, these make my house smell amazing all the time.

Amazing Candles!

I got the pamper me candle and absolutely loved it! Burns clean and lasts forever. Would definitely make a great a holiday gift.

Carbon Neutral Order
Emily Lavengood

I looooove these reed diffusers! Omg my house smells amazing, it’s the perfect blend. I love them. So so so happy and can’t wait to have more.

I love both of these scents so much! They make my house smellll so good!

Love it

I ordered my sample set, and I'm having a hard time deciding which scent is my favorite. They smell great and I love that I can throw a few in my travel bags.

Inner Glow by Ramona Room Mist
Inner glow mist

I love the smell! It"s a very light and clean smelling spray. I will purchase again.

Solo Trip by Ramona Room Mist
Solo Trip

I love this fragrance. It puts me in a good mood every time I spray the room. You should check it out.

Solo Trip by Ramona Soy Candle
Wonderful smell!

Shipping was quick! Service was impeccable! I really enjoy how well my candle burns and how lovely the smell is!! Can’t wait to buy more lovely products from this brand!

Inner Glow by Ramona Bundle
Marissa Rose Photography
LOVE can't begin to explain how I feel

I ordered both scents and am absolutely in love with them both. They are both so unique but "Solo Trip" may just be my favorite fall scent for my office!

Antique Sandalwood Incense Sticks

These incense sticks are awesome! They last a lot longer than ay sticks I've used in the past & the smell is absolutely amazing & the smells last! I walk around my house and can smell when they are burning in the next room!

Like a grownup

The cashmere room spray is perfect for my home. The scent it light and lasting and my boyfriend can’t stop spraying it because it relaxes him. I can’t stop spraying befit gives my room a sophisticated smell which is needed because I have pets. Will definitely buy again and again.

Truly the best

I bought this for a Fall candle but I couldn’t wait for the cool(er) LA weather to burn it. Like all Noble candles, it’s really high quality and smells wonderful. The scent is potent but not overwhelming or too cloying. It’s a great blend of spicy and more subtle scents. Truly perfect!

I smell so yummy

Best smelling hand sanitizer that it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing hand sanitizer! This is the perfect fall smell! Makes my hands feel clean and makes me smell good, it’s a win win 😎👉🏻👉🏻

Amazing room spray!

Love love love this stuff I don’t think think I’ll ever use fabreeze again! I have large rooms in my house and the smell fills up the space perfectly so now not only is the product working but it’ll also last me a long time! All I need is one spray for each room and I’m done!

Love these candles!

Got a few different kinds: Ashe, Amazonia, Ashe and Revive are all amazing. Love having them lit while working for home!

My new fav smell!

I thought the floral was great but then this came into my life and I'm loving it. Highly recommend for an amazing scent for any room. Thank you.