Girl Power Pop-Up & Brunch

Girl Power Pop-Up & Brunch

This may have happened last year, but it was too epic not to talk about...

May 25th, 2019 in the streets of Burbank, CA women of all backgrounds came together for fellowship, shopping, and bottomless mimosas.

“... I mean, its only right that a lady has to treat herself every now and then. Anything less is nothing short of a sin.”

... And treat ourselves we certainly did! Having the privilege of hosting such a great event, we were trilled to see everyone enjoy and find value in it. Female empowerment is everything, and having a chance to learn from, dance with, and support one another that day was more than we could ask for. We got some girlfriends for life.

the noble brand girl power pop up brunch

the noble brand girl power pop up brunch   the noble brand girl power pop up brunch

P.S. If you want the Girl Power Playlist you can listen via Apple Music.



Kitchen on Locke @kitchenonlocke

The Noble Brand @thenoblebrand

Lunabeam Collective @lunabeamcollective

Thredshed @thredshed3

Bold Swim @bold_swim

God Thinks I Am @godthinksiam

The Soap Bar

Confidence is Key @_confidenceiskee_

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