Not a Fan of Candles? We've got Options!

Not a Fan of Candles? We've got Options!
Got kids or clumsy fur babies that make having open flames nearly impossible?

Room Sprays

Get a nice light fragrance in the air with a couple mists of a room spray. You don't have to worry about spills as this option comes in packaging that is completely enclosed. And lucky for you, with our formula you don't have to worry about stains either! Our room sprays are all-natural and linen safe! 

Reed Diffusers

Set it and forget it with a reed diffuser option. Remove the cap. Insert desired amount of reeds into the diffuser base. Enjoy weeks of fragrance in your space. The more reeds you add, the stronger the scent in your room. 


A fragrance option that goes back decades! Subtle yet long lasting. Potpourri, scented dried botanicals, are a great decorative home fragrance option. Pour directly into a decorative bowl, or place in an organza bag to store in your delicates drawer. Either way you'll get subtle fragrance for weeks and weeks to come. 

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