Pre-Emmys Gifting Suite Experience

Pre-Emmys Gifting Suite Experience

This weekend we had the absolute honor of participating in a Pre-Emmy gifting suite hosted by DPA Lounges. Friday through Saturday stars and press flooded through the gifting suites at Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. Over the course of the weekend we gave away over 150 gift bags to people such as Billy Porter, Tyra Banks, Debbie Allen, and so many more!

The feedback for our products was overwhelmingly positive across the board. Each bag contained some of our best sellers such as our Bamboo Coconut Reed Diffuser, Cashmere Clouds Room Mist, and a 4 oz Crowned Candle.

Press Mentions:

*Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the Emmys or The Television Academy. Pictures were taken in #thedpapreemmysgiftsuite21 by Matthias Carette for DPA Lounges.

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