Reduce Reuse & Recycle With Us

Reduce Reuse & Recycle With Us

We're committed to doing our part in taking care of mother earth and we invite you to join us! Over the past year we have been slowly implementing things to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize our contribution to landfills, and add to the reforestation effort across the world. Here's what we're doing and how you can get involved:

Recycling/Reusing Your Candle Vessels

  • OVEN METHOD: Remove all labels and pop your candle jar in the oven at its lowest setting until any remaining wax melts. Carefully remove the jar from the oven to pour the wax into the trash, pop out the wick holder using a spoon or fork, and wipe the inside clean with a cloth. Hand wash, rinse, and dry.
  • FREEZER METHOD: Place your candle into the freezer until the remaining wax hardens, then carefully chip out and throw away the wax using a spoon, being sure to remove the wick holder as well. Use a cloth to wipe the inside clean, hand wash, rinse, and dry.
  • BOILING WATER METHOD: Boil water and pour into vessel an inch from top and let sit for a few hours until the surface is solid. When the wax is cooled, pop it out the vessel and pull the metal wick holder out. You can place the cooled wax into a wax warmer! Wash out vessel with warm water and soap.
  • REED DIFFUSER & ROOM MIST BOTTLES: Just hand wash, rinse, and dry! Reed diffuser and room spray bottles are great for propagating, simply fill with water and add your cuttings.
  • REMOVING LABELS: Use nail polish remove or goo-gone to remove residue from the vessel!

Now your vessel is ready to reuse or recycle! Want to get a store credit? Take advantage of our recycling program and send your vessels back to us!


Recycle Your Packaging

All of our shipping materials are recyclable and/or biodegradable. We encourage you to recycle all shipping boxes, postcards, and carton packaging. Our packing peanut are made of starch and dissolve under running water. 100% biodegradable and safe for the planet!


Plant A Tree

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’re partnering with One Tree Planted to donate a percentage of proceeds for order placed. For every $1 donated, one tree gets planted to aide in the reforestation effort.


Carbon Neutral Shipping

We’re partnering with Shopify to empower The Noble Brand community to make their orders 100% carbon neutral. 

For every one of our amazing items that ships, we now offset the specific carbon footprint with a positive environmental impact! This means the full carbon emissions from producing, manufacturing, and shipping your favorite Noble Brand products to your door would be completely neutralized.

Now you can rest easy knowing that shopping with us means making a positive impact on the planet.

So now you’ll know when a The Noble Brand package arrives at your door, you’ll get something you love and you’ll be proud of the fact that you’re taking a small step towards making a big change in the world.


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