Scent Layering In Your Home Using The Fragrance Wheel

Scent Layering In Your Home Using The Fragrance Wheel

Many people are familiar with scent layering when it comes to perfumes, but who says it has to stop there?

Scent layering is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere in your home. By using a fragrance wheel as your guide, you can pair and combine scents that work well together. In addition, scent layering can help you identify different scent families to find new fragrances that appeal to you. 

Here's a quick guide to using the fragrance wheel to layer scents in your home.

The Four Main Scent Families

The core of the fragrance wheel is separated into four scent families: floral, fresh, woody, and oriental. In addition, each category has its own subcategories. Being able to identify scent families can help you narrow down which fragrances personally appeal to you. Here's a breakdown of each scent family...

These scents are usually derived from flowers and have a sweet, feminine aroma. It varies from light and fresh to rich and heady. These fragrance notes are perfect for spring and summer time. Subcategories of the floral scent family include...
  • Fruity: Sweet, edible and tropical notes (ie: peach, pineapple, apple)
  • Floral: Smells like fresh-cut flowers (ie: rose and lily)
  • Soft floral: Soft, powdery and sweet with a hint of creamy
  • Floral oriental: Florals with subtle spice notes
Some of our in-house fragrance options that fall under the floral category are Bubbly Bellini, Creamsicle Haze, Floral Fantasy, Glow, Muse, Pamper Me, Pineapple + Palm Trees, Rose Petal Gelato
These scents are clean and crisp, with a light and airy aroma. They often have citrus or green notes and can be uplifting. These fragrance notes are perfect for spring and summer time. Subcategories of the fresh scent family include...
  • Aromatic: Clean and fresh herbs mixed with lavender or woody scents
  • Citrus: Zesty or tangy notes (ie: mandarin or bergamot)
  • Water: Aquatic scents that smell of sea spray or rain mixed with or oceanic notes
  • Green: Smells of freshly mowed lawns and crushed green leaves 

Some of our in-house fragrance options that fall under the fresh category are Amazonia, Bamboo Coconut, Cashmere Clouds, Green Tea + Lemongrass, Island Breeze, Magic Hour, Morning Dew, Revive, Satin + Silk

These scents are warm and earthy, with a rich aroma. They often have notes of wood, spice, and leather.  These fragrance notes are perfect for fall and winter time. Subcategories of the woody scent family include...
  • Woods: Aromatic forest scents (ie: cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver)
  • Mossy woods: Sweet, smooth and earthy scents (ie: oakmoss and amber)
  • Dry woods: Smoldering and smoky mixed with leather notes
Some of our in-house fragrance options that fall under the woody category are Aura, Bohème, Eunoia, Frosted Pine, Nubian Shea
These scents are usually rich and heady, with a sensual and exotic aroma. They often have notes of vanilla, amber, or musk. These fragrance notes are perfect for fall and winter time. Subcategories of the oriental scent family include...
  • Soft oriental: Soft, floral notes mix with incense and warm spices
  • Oriental: Sweet, warm notes (ie: cinnamon, vanilla and musk)
  • Woody oriental: Earthy notes (ie: patchouli and sandalwood) mixed with spicy and sweet notes.
Some of our in-house fragrance options that fall under the oriental category are Ashé, Creme Luxe, Crowned, Noir, Ruby OrchardsSpiced Wine, Tonka + Oud, Warm Ginger.
Fragrance Wheel

How to Use the Fragrance Wheel

Similar to the color wheel that we were introduced to in middle school, the fragrance wheel operates in the same way. If you notice a fragrance you're always drawn to treat it as your north star and start there as your point of reference when you're looking to layer scents.

For example, let's say you're drawn to the floral family and you're looking to play it safe, you could try layering a few different candles or reed diffusers that feature main scent notes with side-by-side sub families. Combining fragrances with neighboring fragrance families almost always guarantee a good scent blend. However, do keep in mind that if the scents are too similar, the blend that you've created may not seem to create something uniquely new.

If you're looking to take it up a notch we recommend scent layering with the complimentary method (see the image above). For example, soft oriental compliments citrus well and soft floral will pair well with dry wood scent notes. With this scent layering method you will get a blend that is harmonious and unique. 

If you're feeling adventurous or looking to create something beautifully complex and unique, try the triangle method and incorporate three different scents (see the image below). A great way to do this is by burning multiple candles using our candle bundles or even experimenting with different product types in the same room with our Build-A-Box set.



Experimenting with different scent combinations is part of the fun! As you discover new varieties you like, be sure to write them down so you can replicate them in the future.


Tips for Scent Layering in Your Home

When scent layering in your home, keep it simple. Combining too many fragrances can create unpleasant or overly powerful scents. Instead, start with a few you like and slowly incorporate more as you discover what works best for you.

Try using soy candles or a reed diffuser in the room that you want to scent. These are great ways to slowly release fragrance into the air and create a relaxing atmosphere. If you don't like burning candles, room mists or wax melts can offer a similar experience.



Final Thoughts:

The fragrance wheel is an excellent tool for layering scents in your home. By identifying which scent families you're drawn to, you can try out different combinations. Keep it simple at first, and slowly add more scents as you discover what you like. 

With a little bit of experimentation with soy candles, aromatherapy, and reed diffusers, you can create a unique scent that's perfect for your home.

At The Noble Brand, we offer high-quality soy candles, room mists, and reed diffusers designed to create a memorable and special scent for your home. Check out our selection of luxury home fragrance products today.

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