Scent Profiles: What do they mean?

Scent Profiles: What do they mean?
If you've perused through our online shop you may have noticed that each product comes with a "Note Profile". You may have even asked yourself, "What exactly does all of this mean? " Well you're in luck! I'm here to tell you! Scent profiles are likely made of three notes (aka individual smells). When combined they dance together to create an unique aroma. The strength of each note becomes more prevalent at different points depending on how your brain processes the scents.

Top Notes are like the first impression of a fragrance. It is usually the first scents you notice. They usually are fresh/sharp scents.

Middle Notes are the core/heart of a fragrance. It tends to be stronger than the top note and develops once the top note evaporates. They also work to calm the strength of the most powerful fragrances in the mix, base notes.

Base Notes are what adds depth and dimension to a scent. It is the strongest and longest lasting out of the note combo.

The magic that makes up a great fragrance blend is the perfect balance between top, middle, and base notes. So as you're scrolling through our online shop hopefully now you have a better understanding of what our products smell like without actually holding them up to your nose.

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