Three Year Anniversary: New Look & New Products

Three Year Anniversary: New Look & New Products

As we approach our three year birthday we took the end of 2021 to survey our community to learn more about your wants, needs, and what you’ve enjoyed from us thus far. It is our mission to continue to bring you more of what you want and less of what you don’t while still staying true to our brand. That is why I am excited to announce all of the upcoming newness coming as soon as February 2022.

1. Limited Edition Candle Kits

For the second year in a row we will be bringing back our limited edition do-it-yourself candle making kits. These kits will feature enough supplies to make two 8 oz. candles from the comfort of your own home. Our kits will come in seven different pre-grouped fragrance options. These groupings consist of two of our signature fragrances that burn well together, know as our “Twin Flames”. The candle kits launch February 1st, just in time to use as an activity to celebrate the season of love. Whether you choose to split a kit with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, share it with your girls for Galentine’s Day, or make two for yourself on Single’s Day these kits are the perfect option for you.

2. Fragrance Expansion

At least once a month someone asks us if we offer our room mists and reed diffuser scented products in candle form and vice versa. Now starting this upcoming month our fragrance list expands to 25 scents across our candle, diffuser, wax melt, and mist categories. Now you will be able to find your favorite fragrances across multiple product options.

3. Revised Fragrance Families & Discovery Sets

Now that our candle library is expanding we will be making the necessary revisions to how we categorize our scents. Starting in February all of our fragrances will fall into one of the these fragrance families: Clean, Woody, Tropical, Sweet, and Fruity. Each of these revise categories will get their own candle discovery set in replacement of our current fragrance family/discovery set options.

4. New Product Label Design

We have upgraded our designs to a more cohesive, clean, and upscale look that not only compliments our brand but looks better on a shelf/table as well. We are all about a minimalistic monochromatic polished aesthetic… a look that you can take pride in and feel comfortable with knowing that our products will not only help your space smell better, but will also fit into the design vibe you’ve worked so hard to create. 

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