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Noble Vibes Playlists

We've created a series of Spotify playlists to complete the moods that our candles create. Each playlist is inspired by a different fragrance family and are perfectly timed to match the length off time your candles should stay lit.

Here at The Noble Brand, we make clean, non-toxic, luxury home fragrance products by hand for those who love incorporating aromatherapy in their self-care routine. Our scented soy candles are our most popular home fragrance product. However, we also offer reed diffusers and room mists for those that love a flamless home fragrance option or want to take their scented products on the go. Are you new to The Noble Brand and don't know where to start? Our candle discovery sets are the perfect place to begin. If you are a universal candle lover who is open to trying something new on a regular basis, then our candle club subscription is the perfect place for you!