Celebrate Self Love With These Body Candles

Celebrate Self Love With These Body Candles

As March greets us today, so does the beginning of Womxn’s History Month and the countdown until International Women’s Day. As the world acknowledges all the amazing queens in their lives this month, we challenge everyone to take their self-love practice to another level. With the spotlight on our Goddess Bodies Collection this month we invite you to “extinguish the negative self talk and light up your inner goddess!

Our Goddess Bodies collection was created with the intention of celebrating body positivity and encouraging self-love. These unscenteed shimmering pillar candles are inspired by five goddesses from various cultures: Isis, Sita, Guan Yin, Oshun, and Aphrodite. With each goddess being known for various virtues, we invite you to see those same amazing qualities within yourself. 

No matter your size, shape, color, culture, or preferences never forget that there’s an inner god/goddess within you and its time to let them shine!

 Shop the Goddess Bodies collection here.

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