Cleanse Collection: How to Erase Negative Energy in Your Space

Cleanse Collection: How to Erase Negative Energy in Your Space
On May 1st, 2020 we launched our Cleanse Collection. Continue reading to see how to get the best out of the products...

“I burn sage, cannabis, and bridges. What ever it takes to keep the negativity away.” - Unknown

I don't know who said the above quote but liiisssttteeennnn!... I couldn't agree more okay lol. Whatever. It. Takes. Negativity does not have a place in my space. And yes, sometimes we have to check ourselves. Yes family I said it! Sometimes that funky energy doesn't come from outside sources. No more pointing the finger (sorry not sorry).However, regardless of where it comes from we owe it to ourselves, in the name of self love, to clear that crap out. Below I'll mention three methods that we offer, when used together or separate, that will get your space together.

California White Sage
Burning white sage is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clear the space of negative debris. Start by opening the front door and windows in the house. Beginning in the back of the home, walk around the perimeter with a lit sage smudge stick and waft the smoke into the corners of the room up to the ceiling. When you get to the front of the house, smudge the door with smoke and leave the smudge stick outside to burn off or ash it and save for another time.

Black Tourmaline
Take your space clearing to a deeper level of purification by leaving healing crystals around your home with protection stones like Black Tourmaline, which rocks at absorbing negative energy from people and things. Place this strong and mysterious warrior stone in each corner of the room and create a protective shield that guards you from toxic energy.

Palo Santo
Round out your cleansing ritual with Palo Santo, a natural purifier made of sacred wood that is believed to have therapeutic effects. Because of its healing vibrations and warm, woodsy fragrance, this natural incense is especially helpful when you use it after clearing the space with a sage cleansing.

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