Complete the vibes at home with these playlists

Complete the vibes at home with these playlists

We're all about setting the mood here at The Noble Brand. With our home fragrance products we aim to elevate your space. But why stop there? Top off the experience while completing the vibe with one of our curated playlists.


Each playlist compliments the essence of its corresponding fragrance family while also being perfectly timed to the ideal length recommended for burning your candles. So light a candle, press play, and enjoy! When the Spotify playlists end you know it's time to extinguish your candle and continue one with your day.


Our Soiree Collection is the perfect combination of sweet scents. These five fragrances bring you all the vibes of citrus and sugar in the summer.


Our Enchanted collection is just right for the woodsy fragrance lover. From relaxing coastal driftwood and chilling pines to cedar woods found in the thickest forests, this collection grounds any space.


Our Opulence collection is the culmination of all our deep, amber, and musk scents. Tap into your warm inviting sensual side with this collection.


Our Daydream Collection is for the fresh fragrance lover at heart. Allow these crisp, sea salt, and ozone notes to carry you away on the lightest of clouds.


Our Botanica Collection captures the essence of all things green, herbal, and floral. Allow these five fragrances to bring you springtime all year round.


Our Heirloom collection spotlights all of our rich fruity fragrances including rich berries, warm citrus, and accents of cinnamon and spice. Bite into a bit of autumn with this collection.


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