Making Time for a Mindful Mind

Making Time for a Mindful Mind
In the day and age where everything is digital, thoughts are typed at 65 words a minute and emotions are read from a screen without context; we could all benefit from taking a minute to slow down and let our mind process at the speed our handwriting requires from us..

Our generation is always looking for “next” & we want it fast. Whether it’s the next job opportunity, next relationship, etc etc whatever, we’ve lost any and all patience in taking our time when the answers to all our questions and problems lies in the palm of our hands.

But what happens when we catch ourselves stuck in a loop of stream-of-conscious communicating, misinterpreting intentions and spew out opinions like facts?
Word-vomit, if you will..
What happens when we no longer pause to let logic pitter through the mass amounts of information we take on so consistently and become reactionary ticking time bombs?

I’ve found my saving grace during confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, heartache or heart-praise has been the grounding my pen and paper have brought me.
They require me to be one with my thoughts; to turn inward and listen for a voice the outside world can’t hear if my fingers don’t move.. It allows me to make subconscious thoughts physical, writing letters to my silent self-therapist for answers hidden in plain sight.
Who would’ve known the back of your mind is filled with gold like a treasure-chest..

If we all took just 30 minutes to write per day, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 again before bed, we could begin creating the path to clarity that leads us toward prosperous thoughts and mindful manifestation.
If we sat down with a journal and let our hands free-flow through words that jumble in our minds, we might realize our problems aren’t as big as they feel.. that we’re actually the giants over our thoughts.

But we have to make the time for it; whether it exists or not- devoting a moment to understand the inner workings of your mind will shift it.. awaken its’ purpose and grow through it consistently. For most people this will be uncomfortable- it strips you naked and reveals your hidden scars with a black light..
But with it comes healing; preparation for art or war, creation or destruction, you’ll have the tools you need to move with grace and be proud of the person you’re stepping into.

So clear some time to clear your head,
Find a journal that you love & a pen that writes just right..
And put those thoughts on paper
So your goals, fears and passions are in sight.
Start the simple journey to get your mind right

About the Author
Taylor Jade
@tayloredgin/ @jadeddirections / @bookofjaded

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