My Self Care Journey

My Self Care Journey

Ok so look, I know everyone is talking about self care and self love, and it may seem a little cliche, but there's truly something so powerful when you start your journey.

My journey began in 2016, I just got my heart broken, I just moved back to Los Angeles after spending almost a year back in my hometown (Detroit, MI), and I was completely lost as a person, and the direction I wanted to take for my life. My entire upbringing I was a dancer. I even moved cross country in 2011 to pursue that dream and quickly realized that industry wasn't for me. So what does one do when their entire identity was wrapped around one thing?

In 2016 I felt like I was starting over, and to a degree I kind of was. It was then that I began unpacking my childhood traumas, facing my dependency on thinking I needed a mate to be happy, and figuring out my strength as a woman outside of my talents. I wasn't pretty. It wasn't easy. It consisted of A LOT of crying myself to sleep, isolation, wine and weed, and some days even avoidance and denial.

I think when people think of self care they automatically think of all the fun, frilly, luxurious things: lighting candles, going to the spa, getting a facial, etc. And yes, don't get me wrong those are definitely forms of self care but its also healing. In my opinion, its the healing aspect that's the most important, most avoided, yet the most rewarding.

My healing took years and there's still more healing to do. That's why I intentionally prioritize self care time into my schedule. It may not look the same everyday but I've learned to give my soul what it's asking for. Whether that be a day of unplugging and setting my to-do list to the side, to expressing emotions and thoughts and not letting them build, or even cancelling plans if I don't feel up to it. People can call me selfish all they want... I refuse to sacrifice my time set aside for my self care. Now that I've found my power,  identity, and self worth I will do anything to protect that. 

Here's to my self care journey and you starting/continuing yours. Remember it's just that: a journey not a destination. ;-)

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