What the heck does Self-Help, Growth, & Improvement really even mean!?

What the heck does Self-Help, Growth, & Improvement really even mean!?

As we all begin to redefine time, after a moment we all least expected, I believe it is also a great time to redefine what the heck Self-Help, Growth and Improvement really even mean.


Have you ever found yourself using a term simply for the validation of feeling connected to a group of people who also enjoy using that term? For me it was words like “Yessss”, “Werk!”, “Go off!”, and the classic “That’s Not Really My Vibe.” Looking back, I realize that these words were more so implanted into my brain vs terms that I actually felt a genuine attachment towards.



The term Self-help has come a long way, and with alot of traveling baggage. Usually related to negative connotations, the idea of using books, podcasts, or affirmations for the sake of helping oneself can come with more judgement stares than supportive claps. I define self-help as recognizing that (1) I don’t have all my shit together (even if all my friends and family think I do), (2) It’s hard enough to ask for help; so let me bravely start with asking myself, and (3) taking the time to realize that part of helping myself is leaning into the incite and successful tactics of others.



Growth: the process of increasing in size. While this can appear to be a positive step in life, it can easily depend on what part of your life you are expanding upon. Your attitude can grow, your appetite for temporary satisfaction can grow, as well as (thanks to the lockdown) your love for supermarket frozen pizzas can grow (was it just me??). One of the most important things we have to remember about growth is that what you focus on EXPANDS. Make sure that you have come out of this pandemic with a desire to grow only the healthy ideas, habits, and relationships in your life. Knowledge without use can never become wisdom. You must take all that we have grown in the comfort (or dis-comfort depending on the Day # during our quarantine) of your home and now apply it back into the real world.



Lastly, how can we truly redefine and experience improvement in our lives at a time when society is barely recovering, let alone being able to endeavor advancement? I believe it starts with our tribes. Although we have been in super social distancing mode, I believe in the power of quality impact vs quantity. When we can begin to really love on one another through support, resource, and guidance, I truly believe that we will improve ourselves and the lives of others 10-fold in comparison to pre-COVID 19. In other words - focus on the other guy. This is a moment where we can become very Me, My, Mine, and I centered. Let’s zone in on the improvement of our environment, and I can almost guarantee that we will see and shine through the improvements of ourselves.


Before I go, I always like to leave my readers with action steps, for faith without works will put us right back where we began. So here are 3 “starter kit” ways to help, grow, and improve your very being:


1. REFLECTION - we cannot learn from our past if we do not acknowledge the assets and liabilities we’ve endured. Take one hour a week to reflect on the week prior. What were my wins? Where did I fall short? Who really looked out for me, and who do I need to let go? etc.



2. PROACTIVITY - leave procrastination in the quarantine. Now that you have unlimited time, space, and resource to move forward - keep moving forward. Play time is over, and now we must bring all of our dreams to life by being willing to wake up, get things done in advance, and encourage others to do the same. Create a list of goals, three action steps towards each goal, and three people that will either help you achieve them or hold you accountable.


3. PAY IT FORWARD - This is such an easy time to feel invaluable after the government has let you know for months that your job is “non-essential.” While this may be true, your essence is more essential than ever before. The best way to feel better about yourself is to bless others with your time and talents. People, especially our youth, need alot less than we may think. So step outside of your needs and take a moment to be a blessing to others.


Til Next Time…




About the Author:
Aurelia Michael
Actor, Coach, Speaker
@aureliamichael @_confidenceiskee_

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